About Us

Has your agency moved with the times? We Have.

We’ve been delivering a completely bespoke service to both clients and candidates since 2014. 
Since then, we’ve grown steadily to become the team we are today, delivering on passion, results and a friendly, caring service

Everyone knows that since Covid, the world of work has changed.  Technology and the way we work has changed forever too.  Whether it’s interview structures or virtual interviews, everything’s different now. Even meetings, inductions and onboarding processes are all Digital now of course. We’re at the forefront of all these changes at Altitude-Recruitment.

We’ve adapted quickly and we’re totally in tune with the needs of our clients and our candidates.


We know that our candidate’s expectations have changed completely in relation to their time and commitment, where home or hybrid working options are concerned for example. We’re also fully aware that Candidates are now far more concerned about a potential employer’s values, including their approach to diversity along with their community, charity and sustainability programmes.

These huge changes in our candidates’ needs have affected our clients enormously too of course. When you add in the challenges of the current skills shortages and ensuring competitive salaries and benefits are on offer, it’s a completely different world.

So, whether you’re looking for a new role or you have a role to fill, has your agency moved with the times and do they really understand what you need?  

We do.

Have a look at our video to meet the Altitude-Recruitment team and find out what makes us tick.

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